About us

Dear guests,

T.U.O. Mankul is a passenger ship company established in 2000 specialised in daily excursion tourism. With our ships guests are visiting some of the most beautiful spots of the Adriatic sea.

And now for the first time in Croatia, persons with moving dificulties and persons in wheelchair can reach those beautiful places of the Adriatic coast. With the ship M/Y TRINIDAD, which we are representing through the project EASY NAUTIC, we are going step further and expanding our programme, thus taking you and your friends and family to a cruise through the beautiness of one of the most fantastic coasts and archipelags of the world.

To wake up in hidden coves, swim in the crystal clear seas, take a walk through the small Dalmatian villages, drink a glass of wine with the friends on the boat is certainly something to remember.

Yours truly,
Mate Balote 58, Zadar


Danijela Bjelanović

PR / Booking Manager


Luka Bjelanović

Ship Captain


Boško Bjelanović

Ship Captain / Manager


Zdravko Lakić